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By: Eric Kupper presents Organika
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50141
Released: 2004-06-01

Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00 Buy now  
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Cuchifritos Main Mix  Click to Listen!  
Cuchifritos Dub  Click to Listen!  
The word for this track is tension. From start to finish the sparse, skillful production holds your attention and keeps you in anticipation. After a long percussive intro with an almost Caribbean groove, Eric Kupper drops in the energy with a jabbing horn line that instantly gets every person in the room moving. Once you've gotten a taste of the heat, Kupper cools things down with a mellow synth breakdown that adds an air of mystique to the overall composition and breaks up the track nicely. Overall the energy of the song gets bigger and bigger as the horns build and swell around the main melodic theme. Through the course of the song people will be gradually lifted from head bobbing groove to full on dancing frenzy - this track is a dance DJ's dream.

This Dub version is everything you'd hope for from - a stripped down frame of the original track garnished with spacey reverb effects and bits of melodies dropped in sporadically. After letting the groove settle in, this mix finally culminates in a scrambled version of the horn melody from the original track. This will make a great DJ tool to set a chill vibe or ease a crowd down as a night comes to a close.


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