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ALMA: The Soul of Brazil in New York
By: Various Artists
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50174
Released: 2007-09-18

ALMA: The Soul of Brazil in New York
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Track: Version: Artist:Listen:
Partido Novo   Azymuth  Click to Listen!  
Submerso   Patricia Marx & 4 Hero  Click to Listen!  
Ijexa   Ramiro Musotto  Click to Listen!  
Zabê Sabe Electrococo Remix  Cabrûera  Click to Listen!  
Voce Gosta Restless Soul Mix  SUBA  Click to Listen!  
Ebatulé   Belladonna  Click to Listen!  
Valldemossa   Richard Dorfmeister/Madrid de los Austrias  Click to Listen!  
Sus 4 Jam   Alex Attias & Ed Motta  Click to Listen!  
The Caribou Karizma Remix  Teddy Douglas  Click to Listen!  
Magia Do Prazer Faze Action Remix  Banda Black Rio  Click to Listen!  
Ballistica Club Mix  Danny J Lewis  Click to Listen!  
Para Los Pinchas   Slope  Click to Listen!  
Fica Mal Com Deus Truby Trio Treatment  Rosalia de Souza  Click to Listen!  
Three years ago, NYC’s own veteran DJ True of FM and Satellite radio’s famed “Deeper Than Disco” show, got together with percussionist Miller Cruz and created a new sound they themselves coined “neo-Brasilian fusion”. This sound quickly won the world over with big batucada beats, a soulful NYC cool and guests any music lover would only dream of hearing play a Brazilian set. ALMA, (“soul” in Portuguese) “All for the Love of Music & Art”, fuses live instrumentation from some of NYC’s finest musicians with Brazilian grooves from clubland’s best DJs, and the results have raised nothing but rave reviews since its start. The idea is to feature the traditional sounds of Brazil, from samba to forro, and incorporate all the newly inspired sounds coming from a new crop of musicians from Brazil and beyond. The party has featured Louie Vega and The Elements of Life, Joe Claussell, Rich Medina, Osunlade, DJ Afro, DJ Karizma and many of underground music’s most notable.

"When ALMA — the gathering helmed by Joann Jimenez, Manchildblack, and resident spinners DJ True and Miller Cruz—was in the planning stages in 2004, its creators had no idea that the venture they were undertaking would become one of Gotham’s most beloved nights. But it entered the pantheon of clubland glory in shockingly short time, attracting a multiracial, multisexual, multieverything crowd onto one of the most feverish dance floors you’re likely to find and gaining the respect of such nightlife gurus as Danny Krivit and Louie Vega. That, of course, is due to the soiree’s utterly captivating music, the cream of which is compiled here that ALMA features in its home base of downtown Manhattan’s Sullivan Room, a sparkling, smile- and sweat-generating mélange of Brazilian-tinged beats that’s utterly irresistible to anyone with a heartbeat. New York’s nightlife would be a much poorer place without ALMA—give this disc a spin and find out why." - Bruce Tantum, Time Out NY.

"Brazilian parties seem like the shit these days. Every time you turn a corner, there's a new one springing up - but there's nothing like the originals to show you how it's really done. The ALMA party has been shaking up the city since 2004 with the boogie lovin' guidance of founders Joann Jimenez, Manchildblack and resident DJs True and Miller Cruz. They've gotten so good at what they do, they've even coined their own brand of Brazilian grooves they like to call it "Neo-Brasilian Fusion" (a mix of samba, pagode, bossa nova, house, drum n'bass and more. We like to call it a damn good time."

- Keisha Franklin, Village Voice

1. Azymuth “Partido Novo”
The journey begins with a truly legendary band from Brazil, Azymuth. This ingenious trio together since 1973 has reinvented their sound throughout four decades of music with what they simply call samba doido, which means “crazy samba.” The actual sounds though, are not so crazy: an intelligent, high-voltage blend of Brazilian rhythms, jazz, funk and lots of soul, making it the perfect opener.

2. Patricia Marx featuring 4 Hero “Submerso”
It’s followed by a gem from the once teen pop princess turned frontrunner in the electronic Brazil scene, Patricia Marx collaborating with London’s own pioneers, 4hero.

3. Ramiro Musotto “Ijexa”
World-renowned musician Ramiro Musotto traveled to the Amazon to record with the Native Indians on this very rare entry.

4. Cabruêra “Zabê Sabe (Electrococo Remix)”
The work of Cabruêra, a Northeastern forro band from Brazil, is a perfect example of the globalized character of new MPB, where rock and eletrônica coexist harmoniously alongside forró, embolada and coco.

5. SUBA "Voce Gosta (Restless Soul Mix)"
The late Serbian-born composer/producer Suba left behind a considerable artistic legacy as founder of the Ziriguiboom record label and his groundbreaking fusion of electronica and the indigenous music of his adopted home, Brazil before his untimely death.

6. Belladonna “Ebatulé”
Ebatulé is an offering to Yemanja, the Yoruba goddess of the sea, an African religion commonly practiced in Brazil with a modern flare from Italian musician Maurizio Belladonna.

7. Richard Dorfmeister / Madrid de los Austrias “Valldemossa”
Valldemossa is a groove-laden monster featuring a great interview with soccer legend Pélé when he was only 26 years old.

8. Alex Attias and Ed Motta "Sus 4 Jam"
Legendary Brazilian soul singer Ed Motta appears on an independent collaborative effort with Alex Attias whose monikers have included the Bel-Air Project, Beatless, Mustang and Catalyst.

9. Teddy Douglas “The Caribou (Karizma Remix)”
One of the last collaborations between the original Basement Boys Karizma adds a high energy Latin spin to Teddy Douglas’ bad ass groove.

10. Banda Black Rio "Magia Do Prazer (Faze Action Remix)”
Banda Black Rio was the first band to place Brazilian Jazz-Funk on the international scene, back in the late 70’s/early 80’s influencing acts like Jamiroquai, Simply Red and Incognito.

11. Danny J Lewis “Ballistica” (Club Mix)
Ex-Spiritual South producer and world-renowned DJ/remixer Danny J. Lewis returns with this bottom heavy floor rocker in the top form he is known for.

12. Slope “Para Los Pinchas”
A production duo on Jazzanova's Sonar Kollectiv label, Daniel Paul and Honesty as Slope make artistic house music with mixed with spaced-out jazz and dub with a Latin edge.

13. Rosalia de Souza “Fica Mal Com Deus (Truby Trio Treatment)”
The journey ends with a 4/4 banger remixed by Truby Trio that echoes Chicago and Detroit with its techy rhythms. Born and raised in the Nilopolis district of Rio (home of the famed Beija Flor Samba School), Rosalia de Souza delivers the lush vocals.

BPM Magazine / upcoming issue - by Craig Roseberry
"ALMA has become one of Gotham City’s premiere monthly events and eclectic underground scenes. Launched in 2004 by creators Joann Jimenez, Manchildblack and resident DJs True and Miller Cruz, the multicultural soiree has evolved into a quintessential spiritual oasis for serious music lovers. Since its inception, ALMA has become renowned for its "Neo-Brazilian Fusion" sound that melds live instrumentation with soul, jazz, Brazilian, Afro-Latin, Bossa Nova, deep house and broken beat creating a transcendent nirvana where exotic cosmic vibes converge and disseminate in vibrant hues. It's not surprising that nitelife veterans like Francois K., Louie Vega, Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell have all been spotted basking in the poly-rhythmic soundscapes among the throngs. This inspired collection features some of the partyís most feverish, crowd-pleasing anthems including offerings from Azymuth, 4Hero, Richard Dorfmeister, Suba, Restless Soul, Belladonna, Slope and Alex Attias. This is a must-have for fans of Body & Soul, Dance Ritual, Roots and The Loft."

Batanga / Aug-Sept, 2007 - by Rodrigo Salazar
"There is nothing like Brazilian music to bring out the good vibes. Mixed by DJ True and Miller Cruz (the main record spinners at NYC’s amazing ALMA parties), The Soul of Brazil taps into the eclectic Brazilian sound that made these parties successful. You get some funky wah-wah on Azymuth's “Partido Novo” and by the time you get to Karizma’s percussion filled mix of “The Caribou”, there is noquestion about who owns the soul of Brazil in New York."

Next Magazine/ Sept, 2007 - by Justin Ocean
“Alma means ‘soul’ in Portuguese but is also an acronym for ‘All for the Love of Music & Art.’ And that love-specifically for ‘neo-Brasilian fusion’ - is clear in this CD mixed by DJ True and Miller Cruz and inspired by the New York party of the same name. With a soulful percussive groove, Alma blends house, drum 'n' bass, hip-hop and more for a delicioso feast that'll have out of your chair and dancing - then going back for seconds!”

King Britt, Six Five Media
"With the large amounts of boring compilations out there, ALMA NYC shines like a diamond in the rough. World music in every sense."

Louie Vega, Masters at Work /Elements of Life
"ALMA: The Soul of Brazil in New York takes you on a journey where you can experience what happens at a true ALMA party. I’ve partied there, performed there and celebrated the sexy sound of Brazil with two of my favorite djs, True and Miller along with one the hottest New York City promoters Joann Jimenez.”

Joe Claussell, Cosmic Arts Inc./Body & Soul NYC
"If the point this gathering is to bring all kinds of people together, aligned with showering each and every one of them with a unique blend of Brazilian fusion, love and beyond, then ALMA has far surpassed that agenda. Expect much more from their debut CD."

Rich Medina, Little Ricky’s/Afro Disco
"The ALMA compilation is beautiful man. Joann, Miller and True got NYC’s Brazilian dance community in the palms of their hands and this cd is a shining testament to the fact. Long live ALMA and the space they’ve carved for themselves in NYC God willing, this disc is the first step in them building their own bridge back to Brazil and the wide world beyond. Kudos on a wonderful piece of work."

Asya Shein, Fusicology.com (Music & Events Ezine)
"I love this CD, representing ALMA the way it's meant - sexy, eclectic, enlightening & beautiful. A great montage made of soulful selections."

Muema Lombe, BounceFM.com (Music & Events Ezine)
“This CD captures the best of Brazilian music and the magic of a typical night at ALMA. Those of you in NYC are familiar with ALMA, the monthly tribute to Brazilian music. The ALMA familia (Joann Jimenez, Manchildblack, DJ's True and Miller Cruz unite to deliver their first compilation album and it is slammin'! Packed with energy, this CD does not disappoint, get one for yourself, get one for a friend. Makes the perfect holiday gift.”

Derek Beres, Poppmatters.com (Music & Events Ezine)
"Much like the nature of other Wave releases, this chooses more atmospheric clubs tracks, songs that ride on for seven or nine minutes with tasteful breaks of congas and plenty of blaring saxophones. My personal favorites come nearer to the beginning: a deep drum track by Ramiro Musotto, “Ijexa”, and the excellent remix of Cabruêra’s “Zabê Sabe” by Electrococo. These two are certain to become staples for my own dance floor selections. "


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