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Acid Über Alles
By: Phantom Power
Label: Clicktracks
Release ID: CT-50187
Released: 2007-10-26

Phantom Power's Acid ‹ber Alles
Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00 Buy now  
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Acid Über Alles   Click to Listen!  
Deconditioning   Click to Listen!  
From straight techno to acid house. From 'big room' peak hours to 'underground loft parties'. Phantom Power sets this instant club atmosphere into any occasions when you need it.

- François K.
ďThis is a track by Rob Rives, who was the very first artist I signed twelve years ago. This one's on my sublabel Clicktracks, which is for stuff that I consider to be more techno and more minimal electronic music. No melody, no bassline, more like DJ tools. I think this record's going to be a smash. It's really special. I very seldom play my own label's records, but this track in particular has worked exceptionally well for me everywhere I've played. It has spectacular breaks and build-ups and whenever I play it, people rush to the booth to ask what it is. That's how I can tell something's really special.Ē (from Resident Advisor)

- Tedd Patterson
"Iím really loving Acid Über Alles! Itís becoming a fave."

- Luke Slater
"I Like both these tracks, Deconditioning fits right in with my long club sets especially when things have warmed up and the clocks has pass 4am. I'll be supporting it."

- Steve Travolta
"Itís a fantastic track... actually, it's a mind blowing head trip. I love it."

- John Acquaviva
"On first listen, both are top notch"

- Chris Fortier
"Thanks for the links. I like both tracks. i am a big fan of Rob's stuff over all the years."

New Yorkís own Rob Rives returns to clicktracks after a brief hiatus and delivers one of the labelís heaviest hitting installations to date. An obvious detail stylist and sound technician, this artist crafts his productions with a steady progressive build, and suddenly unleashes an all-out club frenzy. With the release title literally translated from German as, Acid Above All, it is quite explanatory as what to expect.

'Acid Über Alles' starts off with a sharp kick and a subtle boiling 303 low end, while a slow build begins to reveal an acid counter melody amongst an array of dubby metallic hits. As a melodic synth loop begins to unfold, the hypnotic journey through a digital underworld begins. The filter begins to open and a burst of harmonic overtone content pursues the lead, and with a sudden resonance screech and a quick cut, the true pandemonium begins! Hypnotic and relentless to say the least, there is no wonder why this track is at the top of François K.ís playlist.

On the flip side, 'Deconditioning' takes things a bit deeper with a 909-minded kick driven behind a delayed gated key stabs. With a quick reverse edit a minute into the tune, the track detonates into life. Clever edits make for an all around excitement builder, while the constant tweaking of the patches ignites the mood. Rough around the edges and intended so. This mix is down right dirty and should be played for a late night mature audience.


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