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Monsoon EP
By: John Daly
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50189
Released: 2007-12-18

John Daly's Monsoon
Price: 12" vinyl EP $7.50 Buy now  
Track: Version: Listen:
In The Stars   Click to Listen!  
Solar Lights   Click to Listen!  
Time Again   Click to Listen!  
Monsoon   Click to Listen!  
Returning for his second release on NYCís top imprint, John Daly delivers a performance that will one day render a classic. Creating an array of deep melodic soundscapes and atmospheric enchantments, the selections within this release explore the diverse dimensions that Mr. Daly can craft.

On side A, In The Stars starts with a heavy delivery of filter-swept arpeggiated melodic grooves bathed in a cavernous reverb. A funky key stab joins the mix just before an emotive string lead fills the stereo mix. Chords are spotless and the harmonies complement the progression, leaving for a total imaginative dream state. The second track Solar Lights is definitely the most party-rocking track of the EP, a climatic disco thriller that takes a percussive approach leaving a funky bassline to keep the track steady. Boastful allotments of cascading chords and resonating delayed synths will decorate the atmosphere of any sweaty dancefloor.

On the flip side, Time Again, this subtle breakbeat-fused groove carries out the final concept Mr. Daly intended with this installation. Cosmic funk at its finest, the panning chord stabs bounce around, with nasty deep pads bringing on the haunting melodic development. Triplet chimes trickle from above onto a ripe conga program. The title track completing the EP with Monsoon, is crafted a bit as a powerful intro track, with a hypnotic bell tone resonating a dissonant ring, while a reverb soaked Latin percussion fill pans between the speakers. Again the use of string tension & melancholic moods makes for an audio trip through a heavy monsoon season. With many solid releases in his career, this mood-enhancing EP truly marks his most pivotal performance yet. (Text by Josh Tonnissen)

Philip Sherburne

"Really dig it -- i love his way with deep chords and slower-than-usual pace. reviewing this one for the january "critical" beats column in the wire"

Villo from Balance Record pool
"Canning this one man, solar lights is wicked. 9/10 Villo - Balance, USA charted it too."

Laurent Garnier
"I like both tracks very much will playlist the first one on the radio"

Chris Fortier
"Great stuff. thanks. really like it like his other stuff. please send a vinyl copy of it to me when you can."

Tedd Paterson
"They are very well produced, and very deep. I will give em a spin early on this week."

"Nice tracks, but I want the other two as well!"

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