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Orion EP
By: A.Mochi
Label: WaveTec
Release ID: WT-50197
Released: 2008-05-20

Price: 12" vinyl EP $7.00 Buy now  
Track: Version: Listen:
Hane   Click to Listen!  
Io   Click to Listen!  
Orion   Click to Listen!  
This EP arrives as a bit of a powerful undercover tool-style installation, full of simple percussive allotments, syncopated synth bass stabs and plenty of swing. “Hane” starts out as a pretty straightforward loop-minded drum workout, but before you know it a delicately plucked synth jam ignites the mix.

“Orion” sends the party instantly into peak mode, as a massive sixteenth-note synth loops creates a menacing and hypnotic drive. Add some more aggressive hats and snares and the sweat will start pouring! The EP closes with a more minimal minded deep-end techno thriller, filled with loads of cavernous bass bits, shakers, shakers and more shakers, as well as a haunting synth drone that infects the entire jam. The staccato lead offers a simple melody, however the clever tweaks and effect sends during the breaks make for therapeutic listen. Come see why this jock constantly rocks Japan and the world over with each awaited release! (text by Praxis)


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