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By: Phantom Power
Label: Clicktracks
Release ID: CT-50190
Released: 2008-11-03

Price: CD album $13.00 Buy now  
Track: Version: Listen:
Space In Your Face   Click to Listen!  
Soda Cans   Click to Listen!  
Acid Uber Alles   Click to Listen!  
Jesus Juice   Click to Listen!  
Can-D/Chew-Z   Click to Listen!  
Mace In Your Face   Click to Listen!  
Deconditioning   Click to Listen!  
A Dollar and a Dream   Click to Listen!  
Wave's minimal label clicktracks' first full length CD release is a compilation of Rob Rives' releases under the Phantom Power moniker. Rives' unique sound combines elements of the house, techno, and minimal genres to form stripped down, focused club music. More than just a compilation of singles though, "Patterns" has been edited and sequenced to provide the listener a real rollercoaster ride.

“Space In Your Face” sets the tone with its electronic house groove reminiscent of early Warp acts like Sweet Exorcist or LFO while disembodied vocal snatches spin around like ghostly echoes. The energy level increases with the tribal tech of “Soda Cans” - named after Michael Jackson’s preferred white wine (aka “Jesus Juice”) delivery system for under age tots on commercial airliners. “Yummy. Please, sir may I have some more?”

Yes you can. “Panawave” and “CanD/ChewZ” are drug damaged, Ritchie Hawtin influenced techno cuts for the cult-ready. “Mace In Your Face” is exactly what it sounds like; the aural equivalent of being assaulted with an aerosol spray can. Rives also knows how to play nice and cuts like the aforementioned “Jesus Juice”, Detroit meets dub “Deconditioning” and the frosty funk of “A Dollar and a Dream” all offer a little breathing space in the proceedings. Also included here is “Acid Über Alles” a highlight of Francois K’s recent “Masterpiece” collection for Ministry of Sound and a track we at clicktracks have seen set dance floors on fire all over the globe. Packed with sonic gems, “Patterns” is the best album ever made. Ever. Really.


Phantom Power’s Rob Rives has long been Danny Tenaglia’s go-to engineer—and it shows. Like Tenaglia, the studio whiz (who also records as Floppy Sounds and Fluid X) favors a throbbing techno-house hybrid that hits like a punch to the gut. But as this collection of singles proves, Rives takes that pulsating template and pushes it far beyond where Tenaglia dares to tread. The monotone grinder “Can-D/Chew-Z”—consisting of little more than a chasm-deep, jackbooted kick drum processed to hell and back—would fit right in at your more liberal S&M clubs; the ping-ponging, insistent “Jesus Juice” is a swirling, post-acid-trip freak-out. Chillingly beautiful and heavy as anything, Patterns is one tough sucker.
Bruce Tantum, Time Out New York
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