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Sea & Sky
By: John Daly
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50206
Released: 2009-04-07

Price: CD album $13.00 Buy now  
Track: Version: Listen:
Do It Album Edit  Click to Listen!  
In the Stars Alt. Mix  Click to Listen!  
The Wasteland, Sea and Sky   Click to Listen!  
Solar Lights   Click to Listen!  
Atlantis Deep Sea Dub  Click to Listen!  
Gabriel   Click to Listen!  
Exp 3 aka 2 sequencers are better than one  Click to Listen!  
Freak Out or Get out   Click to Listen!  
Time Again   Click to Listen!  
Flashback   Click to Listen!  
Monsoon   Click to Listen!  

John Daly has quickly proven to be one of the most promising new producers to emerge over the 18 months. The young Irishmanís productions are as deep and elemental as they are anachronistic, recalling a simpler era of electronic music. His stylistic ties to electronic musicís roots are what set him apart from his deep-house contemporaries, as his tunes bear the warm and full-bodied mark of analog synths VSTs still struggle to properly emulate.

John Daly's debut album Sea & Sky is a journey that ebbs and flows its way into your heart and mind via haunting melodies, shimmering harmonies and pulsating rhythms. Swirling pads and bubbling chords dance on top of hypnotic arpeggios creating lush yet spacious landscapes where heavenly bliss and cathartic melancholy rule the day.

While John Pays homage to the likes to Cluster, Tangerine Dream and Georgio Moroder, the sound of Sea & Sky is all his own. Whether it be the splendid introspection of Atlantis or decadent electro-disco-funk of Freak Out Or Get Out, John's signature sound and sensibility always stand out. While certain tracks on Sea & Sky are perfect for the dance floor, others wander into distant netherworlds where horizontal dancing and reclusive transcendental trips leave one willingly succumbing to John's synthetic universe.


"Excellent stuff... all tracks are nice , deep and dubby affairs.... great atmospheres... hard to choose a favorite track... I will play 'Flashback' on next weeks (syndicated worldwide) radio show." - Charles Webster

"Ohh yes, this is deeeeep, atmospheric and absolutely gorgeous music. Brilliant....., will support for sure." - Laurent Garnier

"This ethereal full length album from John Daly is full of thunderous low end, textured, keys, hypnotic rhythms, unearthly, fluid soundscapes, succulent guitar licks and enchanting, alluring, soothing melodies. A timeless electronic composition from top to bottom." - Shawn Christopher (DJ Times)

"Enjoying John's raw, honest, serene approach. Fantastic music! I'll be playing the following at my upcoming gigs." -- DJ MKL

"I think that John is from another planet. I love this guy's vibe. Always a pleasure to hear." - Tedd Patterson

"Excellent album!!" - Sebo K.

"Can't get enough of this. One of my top 10 for the year... " - Mike Stukes  Mystic VYbes  WHCR 90.3 FM

"I'm really into this. Will use on my radio shows for sure. Keep em coming." - Andy Warburton (Ministry of Sound Radio , Ibiza Sonica, Planet 100 Radio-Germany)

"My favourite tracks are Do it and Flashback. Good album, classic, deep and dub, too much sometimes..." - Fred Berthet (Troublemakers)

"Very nice album from relax time. Perfect for my bar session. Play it. My favorite: "In the Stars (alt. mix)" -- DJ Rork (Soldiers of Twilight)

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