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Wikkid Times (Remixes and Versions)
By: Beat Pharmacy
Label: Deep Space Media
Release ID: DS-50210
Released: 2009-06-01

Track: Version: Listen:
Rooftops feat. Coppa Minilogue Taqsim Remix  Click to Listen!  
Time feat. Damon Aaron John Daly Remix  Click to Listen!  
Ghostship Deadbeat Dub  Click to Listen!  
Backwards Never XDB Remake  Click to Listen!  
Sunshine Intrusion Remix  Click to Listen!  
Nuclear Race Applebim and Komonazmut Remix  Click to Listen!  
Assassination of the Mind Teddy G. Remix  Click to Listen!  
Strangers Headhunter Remix  Click to Listen!  
Hope & Frustration Quantec Remix  Click to Listen!  
Piece of Mind Ramadanman Remix  Click to Listen!  
Sunshine Dub  Click to Listen!  
Hope & Frustration Dub  Click to Listen!  
Assassination of the Mind Dub  Click to Listen!  
Backwards Never Dub  Click to Listen!  
Time Dub  Click to Listen!  
Rooftops Dub  Click to Listen!  
Nuclear Race Dub  Click to Listen!  
Piece of Mind Dub  Click to Listen!  
Strangers Dub  Click to Listen!  
Ghostship Dub  Click to Listen!  
Double album, composed of the remixes to Beat Pharmacy's protest dub album, and the Versions (dubs) of the original productions.




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About the remixers....

1. Minilogue - his duo from Sweden have established themselves as one of the hardest working teams in the game. Non-stop touring and quality releases and remixes have solidified them a huge global fanbase. Their remix percolates with a dubby finesse that builds into a throbbing dancefloor workout.
2. John Daly - This Irish producer of trippy cosmic disco grooves is fast becoming a favorite of many for his deep soulful productions and DJ sets. His remix transforms ‘Time’ into a delightful deep house groover that is guaranteed to get heads bobbin’.
3. Deadbeat – What more needs to be said about this pioneering figure of electronic dub that hasn’t already been said? His housey remix of ‘Ghostship’ will make it into many a house set.
4. XDB – Metrolux Records owner and producer, Kosta is behind some of the loveliest dub techno to hit the shelves the last couple of years. He transforms ‘Backwards Never’ into an hypnotic slice of tech-house bliss.
5. Intrusion – Stephen Hitchell aka Intrusion and one half or Echospace is arguably one of the best producers in electronic music. His remix of ‘Sunshine’ will leave you breathless. Haunting, stirring, heavenly.
6. Appleblim & Komonazmuk - Appleblim's contribution to dub has made him one of the most sought after DJs and remixers. His label Skull Disco has arguably released some of the most intrigueing dub of the last few years. Komonazmuk is a dubstep producer whose releases have already made him somebody to watch! Together they turn ‘Nuclear Race’ into a killer dubstep monster with a syncopated groove that’ll have ya beggin for more.
7. Teddy G. – Marseille-based producer whose love of soul and jazz shines through in all his work. His remix of ‘Assasination of the Mind’ is funky, dubby, jazzy house number that respectfully nods to a number of dub style production tricks along the way.
8. Headhunter – A few months ago Headhunter released his debut album to much critical acclaim. His remix of 'Strangers' is a minimal dubstep track that is mindful of Spaceape’s powerful lyrics.
9. Quantec – This Berlin native treats dub techno much like a religion. He lives and breathes this musical approach in his own unique way and plenty of folks out there like it. He takes ‘Hope & Frustration’ on a new path where hypnosis via repetition and subtle change take one on a delightful journey.
10. Ramadanman – David Kennedy is a young man on a mission. His productions as well as the releases on his superb label Hessle Audio are exemplary. For his remix he steps into his funky house guise to turn out a track that skips along like a pebble on a pond.


"The one I'm feeling the most is Appleblim & Komonazmuk's "Nuclear Race" which is amazing - seems to perfectly capture the soul of techno within its dubstep framework - killer." -- Paul Woolford

"A real ensemble cast of producers have produced a stellar remix album. The Deadbeat remix of Ghostship is absolutely huge, I'll be charting that this month" -- Neil Quigley

"Love the album, will be playing on the radio show, will do a feature on it and will play in the clubs" -- Greg Dowling (Fish Go Deep)

"One of the top 10 LPs of '09." -- Mike Stukes Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM

"Dope project of remixes. All of them have a really nice and intelligent way. My favorites are the XDB & Quantec remixes !" -- Franck Roger

I love this great remix album, especially Headhunter and Appleblim & Komonazmuk one is outstanding." -- Shigeru Tanabu

"My favourite remixes are the Minilogue, the J. Daly, good mix between the dub elements and a strong groove. I like also the nice Deadbeat mix and the Ramadanman is very fun, perfect to see kids and old clubbers on the same dancefloor." -- Fred Berthet (Troublemakers)

"It's truly a marvelous selection of mixes from the main dubbing man... Rooftops & Time are my favs at the moment" -- Craig Morrison

"The whole package is great as usual. I like them all. Always can trust Wave Music." -- Chris Fortier

"My favourite one is "Ghostship (Deadbeat Mix)", will be playing it." -- Nacho Marco

"John Daly: Time. Perfect for me, DOPE!!! Pure atmosphere, very nice job!" -- DJ Rork

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