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Absence EP
By: Area
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50213
Released: 2010-01-18

Price: 12'' single vinyl $6.00 Buy now  
Track: Version: Listen:
Llpod Original  Click to Listen!  
Respons   Click to Listen!  
Missing A Few   Click to Listen!  
Llpod Benjamin Brunn Remix  Click to Listen!  
Wave’s first release of the new decade comes from Canadian artist Area aka m50, a producer and DJ whose obsession with warmth and depth in electronic music is perfectly displayed on his ‘Absence’ EP which has been kindly provided with a remix from Benjamin Brunn.

Having been a resident of Chicago, Berlin and his native Canada it’s fair to say Area’s surroundings have influences on his music but he maintains that his primary influences come from within. This introspective, self defining approach to production creates a rich and original combination of sounds which flirts with electronica while maintaining a dancefloor aesthetic.

The first cut of the ‘Absence’ EP, ‘LLPOD’ is a stuttering, dub-fuelled cut which lurches forward throughout while the soundscape steadily grows denser leading up to a teasing, fractured melody. It’s a mesmerising track which serves as an excellent opener.

Next up is ‘Respons’ which fuses erratic, analog synth burbles to a rock solid beats and bass groove with a handful of intricate yet subtle nuances. A simple exercise in letting the machines do the talking, and one in which said machines take on a playful personality of their own, ‘Respons’ is late night modern techno at its best.

‘Missing A Few’ marks the end of the original tracks here, and does so in dramatic style. An intro of fluttering synths and otherworldly vocal flourishes is eventually underpinned by a super-wide, distorted kick which floods the track with bass. Carefully shuffling shakers and evolving synth keys gradually build until the whole track is lifted gently into something quite epic.

Finally, Move D collaborator and master of futuristic deep house and techno, Benjamin Brunn, tackles ‘LLPOD’ and creates a jazz infused interpretation which makes brilliant use of the original's melodies while adding just the right amount of off-kilter groove.

REVIEWS in Little White Earbuds and Groove Magazine




This is what I've been waiting for all day. I'm done with the bog-standard loop-driven fodder that is devoid of emotion or any dynamics - and so many people are doing it, zzzZZZZZZ. Anyway, this EP is great, and luckily for me, shorn of any of that nonsense. I'm particularly feeling Benjamin Brunn's remix of LLPOD which is excellent, as is the original. Interesting, listenable at home as well as useful for the more adventurous DJ. Bravo. Thank you!
Paul Woolford

Respons and Missing a few are dope! Love them!
Kyle Geiger (Drumcode)

Sounds good!!
Danny Tenaglia

Great group of tracks, nice and deep.
Robert Owens (Trax / Compost)

LLPOD is dreamy and funky tech.
Stacey Pullen (Transmat / Fabric)

Amazing EP, just up my strasse!
Jim Masters

Really feeling this - both LLPOD and the B Brunn mix are great, as is Missing A Few... really nice EP.
Philip Sherburne (Earplug / EMusic / Urge / Pitchfork / Slate)

Very interesting and weird record.
Nick Höppner (My My / Playhouse / Ostgut Ton)

Missing A Few is very nice, I will definitely play it. The Benjamin Brunn rmx also caught me, old school, melodic and very well produced.
Marc Leclair (Akufen / Fabric / Trapez)

Cari Lekebusch (H-Productions / Truesoul)

LLPOD is greatttt
Agoria (Different / Infine)

It's pretty out there and I like it
Lee Jones (My My / Playhouse / Ostgut Ton)

Fantastic release! My fav' are the LLPOD and Missing A Few! The Brunn remix is on top as usual!
Ripperton (Lazy Fat People / Wagon Repair / Perspectiv)

Very nice.
Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels / Kompakt)

Nice tracks!! I will play it!!
DJ Hell (Gigolo)

Been a big m50 fan for awhile. Missing A Few and the Brunn remix are perfect for those late morning/early afternoon sets.
Soul Clap (Wolf & Lamb)

Amazing EP
Luke Solomon (Freaks / Music For Freaks)

Cool deep EP
Laurent Garnier (F Communications)

With this release Area proves he is one to watch in 2010, with tracks like "Missing A Few" he is clearly pushing electronic music to its absolute outer limits, mesmerizing! The Benjamin Bruun mix of "LLPOD" is nothing to brush off either, lush deep house, soothing and hypnotizing but with a bassline boogie beggin you to shake.
Stephen Hitchell (Echospace / Intrusion / Modern Love)

Really warm cozy work, enjoying it.
Jesse Somfay (Archipel / Traum Schallpletten)

LLPOD is amazing!
Konrad Black (Wagon Repair / M_nus)

Stunning dissenting stuff. Like all the tracks, Benjamin Brunn remix is superb.
Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul)

Arnaud Rebotini (Blackstrobe / Output)

Great production. Liking both the LLPOD and Respons tracks.
Andy Graham (Sei A / Droido)

Missing A Few best for me ... Brunn mix is nice stuff also...
Charles Webster (Peacefrog)

Wave Music still bringing it strong. Love the tracks.
David Alvarado (Ovum / Peacefrog)

LLPOD is excellent
Michel De Hey

Love this tripped out sound. Will play this.
Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister / !K7)

Missing A Few is nice.
Kawabata (Drumpoet Community)

Nice tracks. Will Play.
Stuart McMillan (Slam / Soma)

Great production. I like Respons.....
Ralph Lawson (20:20 Vision / Back 2 Basics)

Excellent stuff. Love it.
Thomas Schumacher (Spielzeugschallplatten / Electrochemie)

Missing A Few for me here. Nice one.
Frank Cochois (The Timewriter / Plastic City)

Brunn remix is nice!
Matthew Styles-Harris (Crosstown Rebels)

Cool abstract techno sounds - like LLPOD and Brunn's tripping synth exploration!
Ed Davenport (Liebe*Detail)

Missing A Few strikes a chord in here...
Jori Hulkkonen (F Communications / Turbo)

LLPOD is my pick
Evil Eddie Richards (Fabric)

Liking all cuts here.
Rob Mello (No Ears / Crosstown Rebels)

Missing A Few is cool and the Benjamin Brunn remix is freaking amazing. Beautiful.
Mark August (Morris Audio / Connaisseur)

LLPOD & Missing A Few are both excellent!
Kiki (BPitch Control)

Another wonderful Wave release!
Par Grindvik (Stockholmltd)

Nice EP, very spheric!
Benna Schneider (Harry Klein)

All around proper EP! Full support...
Tony Rodriguez (Brothers' Vibe)

Good but weeeeell deeeeep.
Darren Rock (Rocky / Xpress 2)

Good EP. Lovin' LLPOD.
Colin McBean (Mr G)

Very classy deepness.
Adam Freeland (Marine Parade / Global Underground)

Stranded so far out into deep ocean, even a flare would fail to raise the alarm.
Chris Duckenfield (Swag)

Superb release!
Brendon Moeller (Beatpharmacy / Steadfast)

Lovely experimental tech house grooves here matched up with a really nice old skool Detroit banger from Brunn.
Ric Mcclelland (Scope)

LLPOD has a nice groove.
Chloe Thevenin (DJ Chloe / Kill The DJ)

Like Missing A Few. Real nice tripped out sounds.
Jeff Samuel (Poker Flat / Trapez)

Very good, love LLPOD
Funk D Void (Soma)

Really nice EP, loving Benjamin Brunn remix
Glimpse (Planet E)

Missing A Few and the Benjamin Brunn remix are great!
Bastian Völker (Baaz / STHLM / Uzuri / Quintessentials)

Oooh this is nice, all tracks are great with the original mix of LLPOD getting the nod from me. Lovely.
Alistair Wells (Kompakt / Perc Trax)

Liking the jazzy Benjamin Brunn remix.
Ashley Beedle (Xpress 2 / Skint)

Really nice tracks will support!
DJ Deep (BBE)

Real cool release, shit to get lost to.
Jamie Russell (Hypercolour)

One of the best EPs this year... mega!!! All four tracks are unique and interesting... Wave's output recently is pretty unbelievable.
Patrice Baumel (Get Physical / Trapez)

LLPOD is very tastefully done, subtle, full of tension... class!
Jonny White (No19 Music)
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