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Timeless EP
By: Tony Lionni
Label: Wave Music
Release ID: WM-50215
Released: 2010-04-26

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Anger   Click to Listen!  
Timeless   Click to Listen!  
Music   Click to Listen!  
The Prophet   Click to Listen!  
Following on from fantastic singles from Roberto Bosco, Area and XDB, Wave Music once again team up with Berlin based DJ/producer Tony Lionni for a brand new EP set to eclipse the success of his previous outstanding releases for the imprint.

Lionni has had a busy couple of years with well over a dozen singles released on key labels such as Freerange, Versatile, Mule Musique and of course Francois K’s legendary Wave Music. His musical style is a perfect fusion of Detroit tinged techno and brooding deep house and has gained him plaudits and support from press and DJs alike. When not in the studio he can be regularly found moving the crowd at Panorama Bar, further cementing his reputation as one of Berlin’s key musical players.

The ‘Timeless EP’ is a rock solid 4 track package and kicks off with ‘Anger’ a tough and taut slice of percussive techno with Detroit inspired pads and a hypnotic rollin’ sythn line. A rich sumptuous sound and razor sharp production gives this a real sense of techno soul and makes it an instantly memorable and engaging recording. Next up we have title track ‘Timeless’ which drops the tempo and takes things into the realms of warm, organic sounding deep house with a techy yet melodic edge. Deep and beautifully this is a perfect slab atmospheric electronica at its best. Penultimate cut ‘The Prophet’ delivers an aural soundscape drenched in swirling pads and understated melody. Groove driven and percussive this has an old school feel with intense early US techno style riffs and a ‘summer madness’ style rising pitch top line, sterling stuff and bound to find favour with DJs across the board.
Finally we have ‘Music’ a brilliant piece of techno / house fusion with an entrancing late night vibe and sound that make this another real highlight of the package.

Timeless by name and timeless by nature, this is a superb collection of tracks that contain all that is good about electronic music.


Mr. Lionni adds some deeeeeepness to the world!
Joris Voorn

Whole EP is nice & melodic, tribute to Detroit for me.
Stacey Pullen

4 superb tracks - Pure trip into Detroit space techno-- Love this.
Laurent Garnier

I always have a soft spot in my heart for dreamy, spacey techno like this...
Philip Sherburne

Wicked tracks.
Timo Maas

"Music" sounds like it'll do the trick.
John Selway

Cool TIMELESS (!) stuff. reminds me of Dave Angel... very good.
Mathias Schaffhäuser

Spacey goods, my faves Music :)
Cari Lekebusch

10 out 10, loving all 4 tracks, Prophet kicks arse and Anger does it big time for me.
Jim Masters (Hi Tek Soul)

Great release love the this package will deffo play
Daniel Maher (Get Phsyical Music/Bedrock Records/Stereo After Hours)

Nice EP, Timeless is my favourite!
Clara Moto (Infine)

Music is amazing, great arrangement and love those chords!
Sam Geiser (Deetron)

Quality stuff, will play
Gregor Tresher (Cocoon)

Music I like a lot... Very good // :-)
Ellen Alien

Loooooooooove this!
Matthias Vogt Motorcitysoul

Tony on Wave! Can't go wrong really! Timeless quality and vibe! "Music" is my favorite.
Par Grindvik

Proper Techno and deepness here, V nice.
Andy Graham

This stuff is super genius. I think perhaps a sign of the future of this music... While still really grounded by a strong old school vibe. I love it!
Kyle Geiger (Drumcode)

Love Lionni's music and this EP demostrates why...great music.
Dan Sykes

Great deep techno release! Quite chilled yet driving at the same time... Reminds me of early Funk D'Void material, nice!
Ryan Johnson (Cargo)

Classy 4 tracker with lovely melodies n great flavourz!!
Billy Nasty

Absolutely love this EP. Great label and great producer. Thanks full support!!!!
Christopher Spero

Another retrofuture bomb from Lionni. Detroit techno, one time for your mind. Love it.
Alland Byallo

Music for me, it's got a nice ole skool drive
Colin McBean

Fantastic.. Love all trax. Gonna play The Prophet tonight in LA
Darren Emerson

Wicked tracks. Like all four. Will deffo play out and on Proton.
Dave Mothersole (MOS Radio)

4 great tracks on a legendary label!! what can we ask anymore?
The Dolphins (Sci + Tec)

Tony Lionni is a monster!!! Every Release a Killer. No exception here!! Great!!
Walter Ercolino (Meerestief)

Quality release. Will support. Thanks!
Alex Tepper (Drumcode/Viva/Futureshock)

Wow - this is a very cool EP!
Joachim Spieth (Kompakt)

Anger is fantastic! Full support
Terje Bakke (Lordag)

I like 'Anger' ... very trancy-Detroit stuff... 'The Prophet' is also fantastic...
Markus Guentner (Kompakt/Ware)

Great, full support!!!
Kenny Leaven, Traum Schallplatten

They remind me good old Detroit techno, nice.

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